For all Princeton students interested in auditioning, we encourage you to attend our Open House on Saturday, September 16th. There you can get to know us in a comfortable setting and hear our songs!

If you are a Freshman (in The Great Class of 2021), we also encourage you to attend Tiger’s Roar on Sunday night, September 10th. All of Princeton’s acapella groups will be showcased in Richardson Auditorium, singing one or two selections. Don’t miss it!

Auditions will be held on September 18-20 (Mon.-Wed.) and culminate in Callbacks on the 22nd (Friday). To any who may feel any trepidation, we say that as you sing to the Lord with a genuine heart, He is pleased and will guide you on the right path, so if you feel the call, step out in faith! We will certainly meet you there, for we believe that all have been gifted by their Creator with the ability to praise Him!

More details can be found on our Events and Auditions page, and feel free to email our President, Sadie (, with any additional questions or concerns.

We look forward to meeting you!