We will be holding auditions for the Spring ’15 Semester from 8 pm to 11 pm on Monday 2/9 and Tuesday 2/10. You can sign up for a 20 minute audition slot using (search for Kindred Spirit). If all the slots fill up or you are otherwise unable to audition during those times, email for an alternate time.

Auditions will be held at the beginning of both the fall and spring semesters. You can sign up for a 20 minute audition by searching for Kindred Spirit calendar (kspirit@) on Princeton’s Web Appointment Scheduling System (a.k.a WASS), or by emailing us at

Kindred Spirit rehearses approximately 4.5 hours hours a week (split over 2-3 rehearsals) and performs 3-5 times a semester.

The Audition Process:

  • Scales: First we’ll sing through a few scales together to get you warmed up. Then we’ll guide you through a few on your own to get a sense of your range.
  • Swells: A swell is an exercise where you start as softly as possible on a given note, slowly increase to your fullest volume and then slowly return to the initial volume. We’ll try a few swells to test your vocal power and control.
  • Pitch-matching: We’ll first play several series of three or four notes and ask you to sing them back to us. We’ll then play some chords and ask you to identify particular notes in them (top, middle and bottom). The ability to listen to a pitch and match it with your voice is especially valuable in an a cappella group!
  • Sight-reading: We will give you a short melody and ask you to sight sing it. Don’t worry if this is not your forte! There are many current members who can’t sight sing either!
  • Prepared Solo: This is your chance to shine! Pick a song that you’re comfortable with (any song — it doesn’t have to be “Christian!”) , relax and show us your beautiful voice. We can’t wait to hear you!


We will let you know on the night of your audition whether you have been called back. If we think that you’re a great fit for the group, we’ll call you back! We will also give you a short session to help you prepare for the callback process.

Callbacks are a chance for us to see how well your voice blends with the group’s sound, but they’re also a chance for you to sing and fellowship with us. If you have been called back, relax and have fun! We already love your voice.

If you have any questions about the audition and callback process, feel free to email our current music director or