David Lee

Tenor · Music Director


Heyu Li

Tenor · President


Warren Shepherd

Bass · Business Manager

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"I will sing to the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live."

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Eric Ahn '24

Eric is an ORFE major from Georgia. Outside of KS, he’s involved in student government and Manna. He loves to play golf, eat late meal, and wake up bright and early in the morning. Most of the time you’ll find him on the B Floor of Firestone where he permanently resides.


Katie Baldwin '24

Katie is a senior AB COS major from Princeton, NJ. She is an active member of the Princeton Christian Fellowship, and is serving as a Worship leader this year. She also plays the cello in Sinfonia and La Vie en Cello. She can usually be found doing a COS assignment in a library, at a PCF event, or participating in some sort of musical rehearsal.


Tiffany Deane '24

Tiffany is a COS major and VIS certificate from Queens, New York. Outside of KS, she is part of Six14 and leads worship for PCF! She loves playing cards, eating late-meal sushi, watching Marvel movies, and her KS family!

Calvin HeadshotChangemyphotothisonepleasee

Calvin Hunt '24

Calvin joined KS in the spring of 2021 as a tenor and bass. Hailing from Green Bay, Wisconsin, he loves to fish, play disc golf, and consume dairy products. He can be seen around campus wearing shorts in 30 degree weather. Calvin is majoring in the School of Public and International Affairs and is also a member of PCF, Club Tennis, Running Club, and the James Madison Program, but worshiping in KS is his deepest love!

Yejoong (Paul) Kim '24

Currently residing in California, Paul came to KS after a former member told him about the group. He studies Computer Science (AB), but he also has interests in making music and dabbling in creative writing. You could probably find him playing the piano, singing a tune somewhere on campus, or getting Wawa.


Peter Ng '24

Peter is a ORFE major from Pennsylvania. On campus, he is also involved with Roaring 20, Vtone, and many more. He loves to play basketball, lift, sing, and enjoy the Lord in his free time.


Katie Shirk '24

Hailing from Goshen, Indiana, Katie Shirk auditioned for KS on a whim (and no small amount of peer pressure) and is so very glad she did so! She is also involved in the Alpha Omega Campus Ministry and can often be found walking around campus with her head in the clouds, trying not to go to the wrong building.

Matthew Benton '26

Matthew is a physics major from Jasper, GA. He is active in Princeton Christian Fellowship, and plays banjo in his bluegrass band, “Princeton Bluegrass ‘n Jammin.” When he’s not studying ‘Stone, you’ll catch him fishing at Lake Carnegie or eating “the Sanchez” at Hoagie Haven


Suah Chung '26

Suah is a potential MOL major from Queens, New York. Besides KS, she loves drinking boba, playing the ukulele, writing poetry and enjoying the Lord!


Abigail Girma '26

Abby is a BSE sophomore looking to concentrate in ECE who’s involved with PCF. When she’s not fanatically researching quantum computing, you can find her bopping along to Messianic Jewish music or trying to take the natural log of Cinderella.

Noelle McDowell '26

Noelle is a proud Philosophy major hailing from Annapolis, MD. She has always loved singing to the Lord, whether in church, in musical theater productions, or in the kitchen with her goofy family. Outside of KS, Noelle can be found restocking her tea corner, scheming up a social event for Princeton Christian Fellowship, or testing which dhall meals are improved with Old Bay seasoning. (pro tip: it's all of them)

David Lee '27

David is a freshman from Ann Arbor, MI intending to study ECE. He is a member of Manna Christian Fellowship, a cellist for Sinfonia, and volunteers as a cello coach for the Trenton Arts at Princeton. He also enjoys playing piano and guitar in his free time.

Heyu Li '27

Heyu is a prospective math major from College Station, TX. He loves singing, reading, and going for runs.

Warren Shepherd '27

Warren is a prospective economics major from Augusta, Georgia. In addition to KS, he is involved in PCF and running club. He can be found on any given day running around campus, scrambling for a squat rack in Dillon, falling asleep in Firestone, or tossing the football at Cannon Green.